Sunday, 25 March 2012

The weekend wrapped up.

The weekend started with a perfect Autumn day- sun shining brightly with a crispness to the air. A good day to be out and about. We made a quick visit to the Children's Hospital at Westmead on Saturday morning (quick is the way we like our visits to the hospital). This time it was nothing more than a social visit- how lovely and novel. Eric and I were both really touched when Campbell was asked to appear in a special video for a retiring doctor. This lovely doctor has looked after Campbell since he was a baby and we are all sad to see him go. Campbell was a bit nervous about the idea, but more than happy to be involved. His practise runs were fabulous and heart felt with a touch of Campbell's unique humour- just what the doctor ordered! However, the nerves got the better of him and he managed a very brief farewell message. It was very special for Campbell to be involved and I know that the doctor will always remember him for his amusing discussions about a vast array of random topics.
 Andrew and Jonas went to see 'How to Train a Dragon' with Nanna and Poppy on Friday night- lucky ducks!! Campbell doesn't enjoy stage shows that don't feature Rolf Harris, so we got to enjoy some yummy Thai takeaway while the boys were out. I also made a visit back to school for 'Family Fun Night'...without my family. Campbell was tired after a big week and not keen to join me, so I left him at home to hang out with Daddy. I didn't intend to stay long but managed to find lots to chat about with kids and parents. I am very fortunate to have found myself in my little school, and it really was a nice way to pass an evening.
Joe and I decided to cook up a pizza feast on Saturday night. We made the dough and the sauce ourselves, and it was delicious! Jonas made a 'boys' pizza with prosciutto and mozzarella, and I made a vegie one with caramelised onions and fresh basil from the garden. Joe really loves cooking and it is lots more fun when we cook together.

A cheerful glass of wine while I cooked and my cheerful view from my kitchen window :)

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  1. What a lovely view! Nice relaxing weekend too!


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