Saturday, 3 March 2012

Busy, busy, busy...

My last week of long service leave passed in a blur but I did make the most of every minute. Lots of lunches, chats over coffee, visits to the gym, another morning with Jonas' class (lovely) and the more practical things like having the carpets cleaned. So many things on the list didn't happen but I did make myself a very comprehensive list.

I was apprehensive about getting back into the work routine. When I thought about the frenetic pace of life during the school term I admit that my chest does tighten a little and I feel my shoulders tense. It is not that I don't like my job- I truly love what I do. I love it so much that I am not able to switch off at the end of each day or over the weekends. I am so often chasing new lesson ideas, new ways of doing things or better ways to make an impact. There are so few hours in the day and so many ways I want to share them.

I am very happy to say that all of the boys have settled into school for the year with a smile and a positive attitude. They are all happy and show me constantly how resilient and flexible they are.
Jonas has faced some tricky situations since starting kindy but has adapted quickly, without any concern on his part to address the problem. He now has a little group of friends he loves playing with and he is content.
Andrew has realised that a year without his best mate is not the end of the world and he faced the challenge of selection to SRC (Student Representative Council) with dignity and pride. When he stood up against one of his closest friends he still voted for his friend rather than himself. Being chosen was so much sweeter knowing that he remained loyal to his mate. We are so proud of him.
Campbell is loving the variety a Highschool day offers and the new things he can experience. Reports from teachers suggest that he is an amusing addition to the class and is giving everyone an education in BBC comedy.

We all survived my first week back at school and I am actually a little bit disappointed that they barely even missed me- like I said they are a flexible and resilient bunch.
I have thought about nothing else but my lovely little class all week. Once dinner is cooked, eaten and cleaned up, it is straight into programming, resource making and seeking fun. My week felt totally chaotic while I tried to get to know them all, but also keep them busy and establish routines. I loved our 'Very Hungry Caterpillar' theme this week- mainly because I had the perfect excuse to wear my caterpillar skirt. Our wish flags were also a lovely thing to share, and they all loved their 'star' crayons as a treat for making me so welcome on my first day.

I am so excited about all that this year has to offer for us all. The term is well under way and will be over before we have even had a chance to plan for our next family adventure...hmmmm where to next?
Lunch with Mum by the lake on my last day of leave. This was followed by coffee with some lovely friends, a play date for Joe and a dinner party for Daddy's birthday!

Star crayons for my little stars.
Don't know why this is upside down!


  1. you write so well honey and what lucky children to have you for their teacher!

  2. I'm so close to where you are now!! I'm counting down the weeks to the end of my maternity leave and although I'm only going back three days a week I'm nervous about making a good life work balance when I start back. Like you I love my job and find that it can overtake my waking hours with new ideas and plans for lessons to excite and thrill my students.
    Fingers crossed it'll all work out.

    1. It always lovely getting back into it after leave. There is a period of adjustment though and getting used to the pace of the work/ family juggle. I think it took me two weeks to feel at ease this time, but I only had 4 weeks of leave so it will be a bit harder for you will a baby to look after too. You will be great Ange and your 2 big kids are so good at helping now.
      Pinterest is a terrible source of brilliant, time consuming ideas :) Brace yourself!!!


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