Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Party!!

More partying today- my favourite thing to do!!

Special friends, delicious pizza, awesome presents, swimming & summer rain just in time for the dinner that had stretched on from the leisurely lunch- perfect :)))

Christmas party baking- what clever boys :)

Eric's new pizza boards ready to go- I forgot to get photos of all of the beautiful pizzas ready to eat. Thanks to Deb and Sam for all of the pizza oven gear- Eric looked quite the expert today :)
The gluten free pizza bases were just as delicious as the standard 'a la Eric' bases. Hard to pick my favourite toppings but the caramelised onions and buffalo mozzarella were pretty perfect.

Wow those bon- bons were special. Joe (who managed to crack a high proportion of them) is now set up for all sorts of personal grooming. He has snagged nail clippers, tweezers, a nail brush and an eye brow comb!!! Hahaha just what every 6 year old wants. 

Yes Campbell- it is finally time for the presents!!!!!!

Make sure you notice Andrew's reaction in the background- he finally got the new 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' book!!

And then the rains came..... just as we all decided (after our lovely and lengthy afternoon swim) that we might as well finish off the left over pizza and salad for dinner. Not to mention the wealth of delicious fruit and treats- Lis and I are experts at over- catering.

Delightful rain on a scorcher of a day. 


Our gorgeous brood- growing up way too fast!!


  1. Looks perfect! Those Bon bons are so bizarre aren't they?! Love the pizza oven and pool, what a tropical paradise :)

  2. Thanks Bron xxx He also scored a bag of marbles- so all other less exciting gifts were forgiven. We are heading south on boxing day to check out the fun we can find in your neck of the woods :))


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