Sunday, 30 December 2012


We loved beautiful Bendigo. Despite the gorgeous heritage buildings that have been so perfectly maintained, there was full wheelchair access everywhere. The streets didn't even have gutters to negotiate!
After a quick afternoon look around we realised we would need a whole day to explore. So we booked an extra night.
We saw the Chinese Museum & Gardens first. The boys liked feeding the fish best of all...all that history to learn from & absorb, but the fish won ;)
We discovered a fantastic, huge bookshop that Campbell explored for an age. While Joe and I were waiting outside Joe lost one of his front teeth! Not the first woobly one either- still waiting for the other one to come out.
Of course we had to have Chinese food for lunch before heading to the Discovery Centre on the other side of town. Wow!! That place was the best fun & completely free with our Powerhouse Museum membership. Laying down on the floor to watch the Aurora lights on the ceiling was a much appreciated rest...oh and it was fabulous to see of course ;)
We detoured past Bendigo pottery on our way back to the tent and then took an evening walk to the Botanical Gardens after dinner- yes we really do like to pack as much as possible into every day!!
Bendigo was such a pleasant surprise, with so much to see. No doubt we will be back for a return visit.

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  1. Looks great - I'm so glad you're updating the blog while on you're trip so I get to holiday vicariously with you!


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