Sunday, 30 December 2012


The highlight of the trip from Bendigo to Ballarat was our stop off in Daylesford on the way. I am sure this short visit will be a holiday highlight for us all. Not only did I get to shop in the ACTUAL Lark shop after stalking the website regularly for years. Ohhh what bliss to pick things up and look at them from every angle :) I did make a few little purchases- we don't have mush space to lug home too much new stuff and I should probably pace myself. It was a really cold day in Daylesford and we all had to rug up - it felt quite strange in the midst of Summer highs.
We found a funny little coffee shop right next door to Lark, which the boys told me was like a disco inside!! Well it was dark and there was music had an industrial feel with a real record player, playing real records. It was very cool. We sipped on our hot chocolates and tea when the entertainment arrived!!! A rather theatrical gentleman made a point of a grand entrance, demanding coffee. He then proceeded to have a go on the bongo drums near the door. Of course Campbell was delighted by all of this and befriended him immediately. It turns out that this man is Rob (Robby for his true friends, like Campbell) from Daylesford who can be seen on You tube making cornish pasties- we are yet to check it out. After a lovely duet of 'Danny Boy' with Rob whistling while Campbell sang along- it was time for us to see what other delights Daylesford had to offer. Our Campbell finds quirky delights where ever we go! Daylesford had lots of other lovely shops to meander through. Each of the boys found something to spend their Christmas money on.
We arrived in Ballarat late in the afternoon and after setting up camp we quickly realised that it was not worth investing over $100 in a tour of Sovereign Hill with only an hour left of the day. We decided on a bike ride and walk along the canals instead which was lovely. I have been struggling with a shockingly sore neck and shoulder since the last week of term...with Christmas etc etc there was no time to see the chiro before we left. An early night and pain killers were on the agenda for our night in Ballarat- a bit boring but we were all tired anyway.

Rob- the bongo playing, whistling and cornish pasty expert!!

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