Saturday, 29 June 2013

Photography with the Follans.

I have never invested in a good camera. I have had many, many crappy cheap ones over the years and then came the iPhone! We have had two fabulous Summer adventures and all of our memories were captured with a humble iPhone. There are some lovely photos.

This is one of my favourite photos ever:

But all I had was an iPhone to capture it. This day will always be one of my most precious memories. We should never have taken that wheelchair up onto that rock. It was a bit dangerous but it was a rare opportunity for our family to enjoy a moment as a complete family. Usually we are divided with one adult with Campbell at the last point of access and the other adult exploring with Drew and Joe.        This day was a precious one.

I have avoided the big, bulky, expensive cameras because I couldn't bring myself to spend so much money on something that I wouldn't be able to carry around everywhere because it was too heavy and awkward. I was also a little terrified that I'd drop it!! I didn't know how to take proper photos anyway. 

This is where The Follans come in. 

They are amazing photographers, and lucky for us, they are also lovely friends. When they were offering a DSLR workshop I got more than a little bit excited. I didn't have a DSLR camera but I signed up for the workshop anyway. I figured that I would get one somewhere for the day. Well after chatting to Andrew and Sarah about finally buying a camera (AGAIN), Andrew suggested getting a nice compact Sony NEX. Much neater and lighter than a traditional DSLR but with all the same features. I trusted his judgement and when I saw the interest free deals all through the Sunday papers I decided to dive in. I didn't buy the exact one Andrew bought for himself- I admit to getting a bit overwhelmed by all of the options and prices. I invested in the more affordable one. No regrets though, it is still better than what an iPhone can offer.

The workshop was fantastic. It was relaxed and easy to understand. There was lots of comfortable discussion and hands on practise. I felt very nervous sitting there at the start. The other cameras looked so much more professional than mine (meaning HUGE with heaps of accessories) and I had a moment of panic when I thought that maybe I wouldn't understand a word and look like an idiot. 

Now I simply can't look at every day moments without wondering how I could capture that lovely light. What ISO would I need? Hmmmm how could I improve the composition of this plate of biscuits. Really!!

I wish the sun would shine for 5 minutes in Sydney so I could take some photos. 

I braved the drizzle to experiment a little bit:

Please let the sun shine soon.


  1. Can't wait to go on a photography expedition with you!

  2. Oh I wish I too could join you! I love the results from my dslr if I could just be bothered to cart it around as I do my phone. Looking forward to seeing your pictures xx

    1. I love your photos Bron. I can always tell when you have used your DSLR. Of course your gorgeous three are obviously very photogenic too :)


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