Thursday, 17 October 2013

Gorgeous generosity.

I was a bit surprised this morning when I realised my hairdresser was calling me. I instantly panicked that I had missed an appointment. She was just wanting to know if I could pop in to collect Campbell's birthday present!!! She has met him just once and at my very next appointment she had given me a selection of his favourite shows to take home for him. Of course I always chat about my boys with pride when I have an appointment. She obviously takes such care to listen to all of their interests. She knew all about Campbell's upcoming party and his love of Mary- Kate and Ashley Olsen.
As she described down the phone the books she had managed to source through a variety of internet avenues I was overwhelmed with emotion. I actually got goosebumps. She was so disappointed that no matter how hard she searched she wasn't able to find a few books in the series!!
Naturally I was crying in amazement at this beautiful generosity. With the most perfect of circumstances Campbell was actually home from school today with a lingering flu. So as it turned out he could come with me to collect his special parcel in person.
He was quite literally shaking with excitement when he glimpsed inside the bag to see the huge pile of his favourite books. He quickly decided that it was the absolutely best present ever! Heaps better than what he got from Eric and I!
Our gorgeous friend is now considered family in Campbell's eyes and she is so completely worthy of an Auntie title from now on.
I have no idea how many hours were spent searching for those books. She made some vague references to lots of parcels arriving and I suspect that it must have become a fairly costly exercise for her too. Of course she wasn't willing to disclose any details. But I do know how long we search for these books online and the efforts we have gone to in order to find the occasional one or two.
It is so heart warming to know that there are such kind and loving people in the world and that she did it all for the joy of the smile on his face- not even realising that she would actually get to see him receive them.

Not only that but she had a pile of the Woolworths animal cards for Joe too! She has no kids of her own but had been collecting the cards. What a gem.

This is her- go and see her for your next hair cut!! Like her page and tell her how amazing she is while you are there. She deserves the best of everything :)

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