Monday, 7 October 2013

Spring break.

Our theme tune as we hit the road last week was "Ohhhh I do like to be beside the seaside, Oh I do like to be beside the sea!" Campbell had heard it on one of his BBC comedies and it did seem fitting. Of course by the time we got to Pennant Hills road (only 5 minutes form home), he was finished with the singing and wanted to know if we were there yet!!
We were only going as far as Tea Gardens (thankfully) so he only had to ask another 23 times before we were in fact THERE!

It is rather invigorating the be beside the seaside and we are very happy to say that the sunshine was warm and sunshiney. The pool was heated to just the right temperature. The accommodation was NOT the camper trailer but a 3 bedroom apartment with a roof!! It was only for 3 nights but we made the most of our mini holiday.  Our poor deprived children were most excited about a holiday that did not involve a tent (I can't say any of us were complaining about that actually).  My only complaint is that the fish were not biting.

Campbell and I got to have an afternoon and evening to ourselves while the boys set off on their own little adventure. Cams was pretty keen for dinner at the Chinese restaurant up the road and we had a thoroughly lovely meal together. It was the first time that I have ever been asked whether I was his carer or his Mum!! The waitress asked me as I paid the bill and I am still trying to determine how I feel about that. I am so proud to be his Mum and I so enjoyed our chatter while we ate. Maybe there are lots of 15 year old boys who would rather not chatter with their Mum over dinner??? 
How lucky I am that my big boy still loves hanging out with me and considered our night out together a special treat. It was my highlight of our little holiday. 

Sorry to say that our Spring holidays are over, but I am very much looking forward to our Summer adventures. We haven't decided on our destination yet, I just know it will be wonderful (even though it will be with a tent).

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