Saturday, 19 October 2013

Let the sun shine.

Waking to such a glorious sunshiny day what else could we do but seek out the ocean. 
With one child back within the family fold we had another leave us. Campbell went off to spend the day with some school friends which meant we could give the younger boys the chance to do something that we cannot usually do as a complete family.
It is generally the simple pleasures that we opt for. For many years we could still manage to get Campbell down to the beach because fortunately he has always been so skinny that he was light enough to carry for a long time. We occasionally find a beach with easy access from the car, but it has become increasingly tricky to enjoy the beach as a family. The simple pleasure of strolling down the beach collecting shells and running in and out of waves, is not one we take for granted. Climbing the rocks and exploring rock pools is such an undervalued joy. 
So with the sun shining we set out for La Perouse. 
It was a perfectly lovely day.
 Campbell also appreciated time to be a teenager without being dragged along to do the stuff that he doesn't enjoy. It always feels strange to do stuff without him but we know that 15 year boys do tend to want to do stuff with their friends on the weekend.

We tried to re-capture this photo from our last visit to La Perouse. Look how they have grown!

The accidental discovery of a nudie beach will be a source of much amusement for many years to come- what a bonus!!! Thankfully we realised before the boys had to wash their eyeballs.

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