Saturday, 27 September 2014

Thank you Nanna

Thank you Nanna for the handmade clothes. I loved the matching outfits I shared with my cousin- it made us feel like the big kids in our own little club.

Thank you for the home cooking & the recipes you shared. I so admire the love & care you put into everything you made for us and I try to emulate that. 

Thank you for the old glomesh purse filled with shiny coins that you stashed away in the kitchen cupboard so we had holiday spending money. 

Thank you for our school holidays filled with swimming, Lego, trips to the shops, good food, walks to the park & games of tennis on the driveway. There was never time to be bored. 
Thank you for your pride in my achievements & joy in my successes.

Thank you for your stories and sharing your history. What a revelation the day you pulled out your old ration cards & marvelled at my unusual interest in them. I treasure them now. 

Thank you for coming down to Sydney for my 16th birthday party and the homemade sausage rolls & banana cake you brought along. I didn't appreciate it at the time as much as I do now- so extra special thank you for that. 

Thank you for being an example of elegance and style. You always had lippy and a smart outfit for any outing. 

Thank you for loving my husband and always commenting on the wonderful job he does to looking after us. Without you he would never have considered a career in teaching. 

Thank you for all that you do for my boys. I know you are always thinking of them & what they might like. They always appreciate the bingo spoils you stash aside for them. 

Thank you for being the capable, loving & strong presence you have always been in my life. I am grateful beyond words & cannot adequately express my love. You are an amazing role model. 

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