Thursday, 2 October 2014


We have made some pretty big changes to our lives this year. We have slowed down the pace and we are finally catching our breath. I actually have more time to blog now but I have been finding so much other stuff to fill my time instead. This is what has been filling our days lately...
Watching the seasons change. As soon as Spring arrived this tree was buzzing! We could hear it buzzing from many metres away!

Growing massive radishes like this one. This one provided much amusement amongst my silly boys ;)

Noticing the trees transform with the arrival of the warmer weather.

Harvesting peas and eating most of them right there in the garden.

Enjoying long afternoons soaking up the sunshine and playing amongst the trees.

Making candles after sourcing all sorts of gorgeous vintage vessels.

Just a whole lot of growing, baking and creating. 
And a whole lot less busy! 
Cheers to that :)

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