Sunday, 19 July 2015

Exploring Launceston

We made sure that we found accommodation that would allow us a few days in Tasmania without the need for a hire car. We were able to walk into the city and Cataract Gorge without too much effort. Launceston is not a big city by Sydney standards but we managed to find plenty to fill a few days before we explored further.

City Park provided plenty of amusement and we stopped here a few times just to stand and watch the monkeys. There was a baby in the enclosure when we were there and it was easy to waste away time watching the very cute antics.

Most days we packed our own snacks and lunch which meant we found lots of lovely spots to rest for a picnic lunch before setting out to our next stop.

The Museum gave us a warm place to hang out for the afternoon. All of our boys (especially Campbell) really love the hands-on activities we find in museums. We made music, tried to work up enough energy to get a Jaffa (it was rigged!!!) and created bubbles. It was a bit of a relief to discover a bus stop at the museum that saved us a walk in the cool afternoon air. The city buses are free in Launceston & are all wheelchair accessible. 
It is always lovely to return to our lovely warm house for dinner after a busy day. 

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