Sunday, 19 July 2015


Some will call us crazy for attempting a day trip to Hobart from Launceston- in fact the locals will tell you it can't be done without an overnight stay! We did consider the idea but unfortunately the tight budget won. So the cheap and nasty hire car, and our cheap and nasty 80's CDs, were along for the ride. It is a 2 hour drive, which by our usual standards is not worth setting up camp for. However, we would have enjoyed more time to explore the South Coast and I was disappointed we didn't get back to Port Arthur this trip. Next time I hope we can splurge a bit and arrange to fly out of Hobart and have a few days to enjoy the city and Mount Wellington. We made sure we visited on market day and thoroughly enjoyed Salamanca in the sunshine.

Our trek back to Launceston allowed a stop at Ross. As much as it would have been a great photo op, we didn't bother to stop at Campbell Town again this time. He didn't appreciate the photo pose when he was 2 and we didn't think he would appreciate it any more at 16!

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