Saturday, 18 July 2015


After many years of throwing around the idea of another trip to Tassie, we finally got there. Our last visit was in 2000 when Campbell was only 2 and we had been hoping to return since. Every Summer the trek to Tassie was on the cards but the logistics of getting the camper trailer across Bass Straight always put us off. The flights in Winter are a bargain!! There was also the promise of snow!! 
In our usual style we booked everything at the last minute but it all came together beautifully in the end. 

We used to find a house in the city. We are thrilled with the beautifully renovated house which was built in the 1860s. We are an easy walk into the city & Cataract Gorge so we spent our first few days walking around lovely Launceston. 

Cataract Gorge....The very friendly peacocks are very quick to approach in the hope of getting a share of morning tea.
Joe was a bit relaxed with his choc chip cookie and it only took a second for a peacock to swipe a bite!

Loving the industrial vibe in the alley behind our house. Although the house had a flight of stairs to negotiate, we had rear access at the lower level and the front door accessed the top floor. With bathrooms on both levels we could bring Campbell in either the front or back so he could access the whole house. It worked well for us and we had heaps of space in a beautiful heritage house- much better than a motel room.

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