Sunday, 19 July 2015

George Town & Beauty Point

With our awesome hire car and new CDs, we had to discover the best road trips from our lovely Launceston base. As soon as Jonas saw "Seahorse World' on a travel brochure there was much begging and pleading- we just HAD to go!! It seems everything is an easy drive in Tasmania, once you have crossed the Nullarbor I suspect everything is an 'easy' drive. So we packed up the car to find Beauty Point and Seahorse World.

George Town was a pretty stop along the way and it put Campbell in a good mood due to the 'Steptoe and Son' shop in town. Not only did he get a few new books, he also got a 'Steptoe and Son' DVD and record (the vinyl kind)! 

Onwards to Beauty Point and the famous seahorses. It wasn't a cheap excursion but the proceeds go towards some pretty important research and breeding of some endangered seahorse species (this was all very impressive to our youngest animal lover). Due to the cost (and lack of interest) the rest of the family went off to see what Beauty Point had to offer while Jonas and I joined the tour.

Teeny, tiny babies.

It wasn't JUST about the seahorses!

I must also mention how much we all enjoyed the beautiful murals at Sheffield....

Yep- they were a real hit!! 

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