Saturday, 16 March 2013

Pretty Patonga.

We were only an hour from home but it felt like we were on holidays today. Best possible way to reduce stress levels and enjoy this super sunshiny Autumn weather. It was warmer today that it was the whole time we were on Kangaroo Island in Summer!!
Picture perfect :)
We had lots & lots of nibbles on our bait in Patonga Creek but all we caught were two greedy toad fish- on one hook!! If we left the bait dangling in the shallows for even a few seconds it would be gobbled up.
We were quite happy to compromise & buy our seafood lunch today- yummy old fashioned chips too.
Cams wasn't thrilled about the fishing bit. He still says (at the top of his voice I might add) that we can't force him to do the 'f word'! Luckily the others boys don't seem to get how completely mortifying this is when stated in public. Of course he is referring to fishing- which does indeed start with F- but who would assume that?!?! He was happy about sitting in the car with the Salvation Army books he snatched up in Woy Woy on route. Crisis averted...
The best bit is that it feels like Sunday today- hurray to feeling like we get a bonus day to the weekend.

There he is with those blessed books! He did come in for a swim eventually :)

My lovely rod with my Poppy's reel- I love it.

Isn't my husband cute. He bought me this bait basket to go with my rod. It was very handy today with the bait taken within moments of it hitting to water.

And it did :)

Joe the explorer found a teeny, tiny crab.

My legs, my legs, I can't feel my legs....

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  1. Looks gorgeous - the weather was fantastic today!


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