Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Castle Hill Show

Eric is on the Show Committee again this year, which means free passes for us all and a long day of work for Eric. Cams was off at Karingal with his school friends this weekend so we decided it was a good chance to treat Campbell with a show bag without putting him through the misery of the noisy, 'boring' show. We picked out a bag for him & explored every little thing the show had to offer. Games, rides, gozleme, churros and of course the animals! I even got to look at the craft!! Can you believe it?
A fun & relaxed Friday fun night for us all- Campbell would be watching pay TV with his mates so he'd be in his element too.

The funny bit is that while Eric was weighing cattle, and all that other show type stuff, Campbell turned up at the show with his mates!!!! Eric had to do some ducking & scurrying to avoid being eye- balled by Campbell. If he had been seen Cams would have completely freaked! He cannot cope at all with the crossing over of people and places. Poor Eric was in the midst of the busy part of the day and would not have been able to comfort Campbell for the full blown melt down that would have eventuated. The show itself would have been terribly stressful for Campbell & I am sure it wasn't what he had in mind for the day.

Just as I walked in the door after a party with Drew & Joe the phone was ringing. It was Campbell. To complain. About the stupid, boring show. He wanted to know when I could come to take him to the bookshop!! Ha -my ever predictable big boy. He was glad to be back in front of the TV & enjoying the chocolates from his show bag (yep- the exact same one we picked out for him). He also wanted to know what I thought of his 'new look'. Hmmm it was hard to make a judgement over the phone. It seems he bought himself a new wig! I can't wait to see the 'new look' in person ;)

Ohhh everyone LOVED the craft!!

In his element!!!

Trying to resemble a koala. He should be asleep not pop- eyed!!

Happy boy with a parent on either side.

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