Friday, 29 March 2013


What indulgence! My bestie and I went to Melbourne for the weekend- just us! My beautiful friend organised the whole trip including tickets to The Big Hearted Business Conference- oh my!!
It was fabulous in every way.

I promised the boys that I would visit their favourite shop to pick out a little pressie :)

How beautiful is this building? 

I found Victoria Mason! I searched for her shop on our last trip and couldn't find it :( This time I tripped right over it :) I was beside myself. She was so lovely and was also attending the conference. My dilemma was trying to pick out one favourite thing- that decision was so taxing. Exploring Fitzroy was the perfect way to finish off our day of awesomeness.

After a very early flight and a full day of shopping we needed a lovely cup of tea to see us through to dinner on Lygon Street.

Thank you to my very special friend for our amazing weekend xxxxx


  1. Looks fantastic! Melbourne always looks like such a great weekend getaway!

    1. It was!! I fell in love with Melbourne this visit and there is still so much of it to see.


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