Friday, 29 March 2013

Watch me breathe.

This week I have found joy and beauty in every mundane task. This breathing thing is really working for me :) Allow me to bore you with the mundane moments I found so gorgeous that I just had to take a photo.

I made this pom pom with Pip Lincolne the other day. Yep, we had a crafternoon together. I love my pom pom- it reminds me of watermelon and makes me smile :)

Lemonade scones with choc chips!

My eyes were bigger than my belly- I couldn't finish it! I did have fun trying though.

I taught Joe how to make pom poms- he's hooked. 

Delicious figs freshly picked off the tree- warm, sticky, sunshiney sweetness.

Drew won an Easter basket in the raffle. The basket was emptied and distributed too quickly for me to get a photo.

Pom pom crazy! Joe is making a cushion for his bedroom- GO Joe!!

Special ones made with love for the teachers too.

Campbell picked out a special gift for his best mate Daniel. I also had the pleasure of having the time to take him to Daniel's place for afternoon tea after school. I got to have coffee with Daniel's lovely Mum and dance with the boys to Wii Dance- hilarious!!

My first ever cake decorating course and not at all terrifying. How cute is that bunny butt?

A bouquet of cake pops were completely necessary to compliment those cup cakes.

This issue of Frankie features Pip's pom poms (just in case you loved mine so much and you want to make some of your own)

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