Friday, 29 March 2013

Big Hearted Business

So this is the blog entry about The Big Hearted Business Conference. It has taken me a week to process it all and work out what it all meant. It was amazing, probably life changing, and it was perfectly timed. I started some extended leave from work on the day we flew out to Melbourne. I needed something to ground me, focus me and to take the edge of my intense and unrelenting stress levels. The meditations sessions during the conference were just what I needed to start breathing again. My shoulders have dropped several centimetres this week and my chiropractor noticed a difference in the tension in my shoulders. Oh it feels so good to breathe again- I was worried I had forgotten how.
There were so many fabulous presenters with so many gems to share about the work/ motherhood balance. I loved the focus on that negative voice we all have in our heads telling us not to dare to dream, I most certainly have been sending that wicked voice to the corner this week and it feels good.
Singing with Clare Bowditch was an emotional experience for me- especially in the convent chapel- it was hard work to focus on the singing and not let the tears stream down my face.
I will continue to reflect for a bit longer before I articulate exactly which dreams I shall dare to chase. I am pondering my options and letting great ideas grow roots. My heart is full, as are my lungs- hurray!!

Oh just have a look at my gorgeous Victoria Mason rings xxx

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