Wednesday, 12 June 2013

That 'other' dinner my kids will eat.

I had a little victory today. I chucked some stuff in the slow cooker this morning and when I served it up tonight there were no wrinkled noses, no groans, nobody whining 'why can't we just have tacos again?'.

There have been some requests for a recipe after I bragged about my success...that put me on the spot. I really did just chuck stuff in the slow cooker but I can share what went in.

Slow cooker chicken with dumplings.

Chicken legs (I use a pack of 8)
Vegetable stock
Vegetable soup pack (or an assortment of vegetables- carrots, parsnips, turnip, potato, sweet potato, onion, celery, mushrooms)

1. coat the chicken legs in flour and pop into your pot or slow cooker.
2. chop veggies and throw them in too.
3. cover the ingredients with 1 litre of stock or water.

Let it bubble away filling your house with delicious wintery smells.

About half an hour before dinner I add some frozen peas and make the dumplings to add to the top of the pot.


I always guess ingredients here and they always work out fine. It is pretty much a scone mix really.
About 1-2 cups of flour (I shake into enough flour into the bowl until it looks about right)
A generous nob of butter or margarine.
Rub the butter into the flour until it looks like a rough bread crumb consistency- add a bit more butter if it is still pretty dry and not very crumbly.
Add enough milk to form a sticky dough.
Roll balls of the dough and set them adrift in the sea of bubbling goodness. Don't forget that they will rise a bit with cooking so don't make them too big.
They will be done by the time you hear "I'm staaaaarving".

Here is a link to a great dumpling recipe I found with more accurate measurements :)

This is just a photo of the left overs and not nearly as lovely as it was fresh from the pot. I didn't realise I would need photos at the time- who knew I'd be onto a winner?!

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