Tuesday, 7 February 2012

School Days!

Well that beautiful baby boy of mine has left my clutches and is running free!! Despite his worries and reluctance to start school...it seems he really likes it!
He was a bit nervous as we got ready for the day and decided that he had a sore leg and couldn't face the school day. This made me a bit nervous and thought it might be a sign of a less than positive start to the day. Thankfully as the morning progressed Joe became more comfortable. A miraculous transformation came over him when his mate Jett arrived. Although not blatantly excited to see fellow kindergarteners, Joe became more relaxed as they all arrived and he actually started to smile :)
Once his wonderful teacher appeared and welcomed him into her class...that was it! He was willing and able to leave my side and follow the direction of his adored teacher. This teacher is someone who makes me question my own teaching and want to be better at what I do- she is an inspiration!
Ahhh happy days! My sweet boy followed the directions given and joined his best mate on the floor, amongst all his new classmates. Did he look back at his Mummy for reassurance...NUP!
Proud and excited I left the room quickly, in case he changed his mind.
So now what do I do with my time until I go back to work....well I went to work. Today that is. Yesterday I was grateful a chance to chat and relieve tension with Jett's Mum, Sarah, and some time at the gym. I also got to have a nice time to just sit with my Mum and chat. It is not often that we both get a co- ordinating break from work and we both had a vested interest in today- our gorgeous boys on their way in the world. Our time together was interrupted with lovely messages from those who love us and care about us to check in on how the day was going. This was the only thing that brought tears to my eyes today. My boys were all happy and well, but I just felt a huge sense of relief that all had gone to plan. We have such wonderfully supportive friends who have been so lovely. Even walking into the school each day I am faced with little people eager to tell me how much fun Jonas had at school.
The Paddle Pop stains on the school shirt was the evidence of a loving big brother and a care free day at school. I forgot to get a photo before it was thrown in the soaking bucket. Even Joe's year 6 buddy was impressed with the extent of the coverage achieved with a single ice- cream!  I just know that shirt will feature in the Date repertoire of funny stories- even without the photo.
I am happy! My boys are happy...all is good  :)


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