Sunday, 5 February 2012

Weekend entertaining :)

Well we had a fabulous weekend all round. We are just getting used to getting back into the dinner type entertaining- wooohoooo! Campbell always liked an early night and found it hard to cope with late nights when he was younger- now he is 13 we are back in action!!! How much fun it is to spend the day planning and preparing for a fun night with friends. I could get the out candles too. I had plans to get the wii microphones going, and sing to my hearts content, to the songs I love with fellow 'retros'...but we got side tracked. Lis surely you would have enjoyed a bit of Culture Club with me- the boys just don't get it. Thank goodness that Sydney turned on the sunshine for us too. The kids spent hours in the pool...finally.
We backed up dinner with the delightful Dells, with lunch with the fabulous Follans. Too much eating went on this weekend but that Sangria really helped us cope with the excess ;)
Such a wonderful relaxing way to pass the weekend and I do love planning for feasts!
Lunch boxes have been filled with left- overs for our big day tomorrow! Even though both Cam and Drew have already started their school year they are both very excited about Joe's first day of school. Andrew is a bit nervous for him too- he remembers what it is like start kindy feeling shy and nervous- don't we all! Campbell was never one for feeling shy and is quite often the ice-breaker when the mood get tense.
I am looking forward to the week ahead of being a full- time Mum. I think I had better start a 'to do' list before all my time runs away from me. I love making lists :)
Nanna's plates put to good use and Auntie Gwen's glasses all a glow :)
Summer- time Sangria!!
Chocolate puddings for my darling bestie x

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