Friday, 3 February 2012

New beginnings.

Today was my last day at home alone with my Preschooler!
My beautiful boy had wonderful ideas for filling our week of freedom. How I have loved playing lego (lots of lego), baking, watching movies and Classic 'Goodies' DVD's , playing games, shopping and reading together. I am so glad that I was able to do with Jonas what I was able to do with Cam and Drew when they were preschoolers- funnily enough they all wanted to do much the same. Joe was the only one who didn't have a baby brother to look forward to and enjoy. We were so clever in the way we timed the birth of our baby boys, exactly 4 years apart. Just as you start to miss a baby boy in the house, another arrives. This time we started to plan for holidays and adventures that are impossible to do with a baby. Would I have another??? My heart says "YES" and my head says "Are you crazy?" We can't afford for me to take the time off work and how could we possibly find the time for another little person- life seems to be so crazy, busy, chaotic already. Just as we have started to venture into new and exciting things...Oh the places we could go!!! I am being especially sentimental today, but I am a big, fat, sook when it comes to babies.
So today I decided to do something drastic!! I had all of my hair cut off. Those who have known me for a long time would not bat an eyelid- I do this every so many years...jeez I must be getting old!
 Joe didn't like the way my hair tumbled to the floor and kept shaking his head as he watched it came off. This was all new to him- I usually cut my hair with the arrival of a new baby. Campbell's response when he saw me was "Why are you wearing a wig!" LOL...great!!!
Eric tells me I look gorgeous no matter what I look like- can't trust his judgement, unless I need to hear that I am gorgeous xxx
I am happy! I cut away the old and I am excited about the new. All good as far as I can see.
I love my family and I am looking forward to a wonderful weekend with lots of entertaining with lots of special friends. I hope that Sydney can turn on the sun so we can enjoy the pool and BBQ.


  1. You look so fresh in the tiny glimpse you have provided in the photo! I can't wait to see the 'wig' In person

  2. Thankyou Ruanne :) Unfortunately it does resemble a wig this morning because of bed head. The one thing I hate most about having a hair style is that I have to 'style' it.

  3. I also find that life and hair are somehow linked!! Women are funny aren't they. You wouldn't hear a man saying the same thing. By the way I love the new do. I'm also super sensitive about babies. This week I've had a baby start Kindy and another start high school. It makes me almost want another one. But I do have one at home still keeping me busy. Maybe when he's a little older. ; )

  4. I hear you Angie- it is just too hard to let go of the baby years. Follow your heart when you can...or chop off all your hair!!!


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