Saturday, 18 February 2012

Another fabulous week.

I have managed to fit so much into this week that I am struggling to remember it all. 
The highlights have been helping in Joe's kindy classroom and seeing him totally at ease and happy, lunch with my bestie (twice), IKEA (will need a return to get the stuff I was supposed to buy), the gym, finishing my bag, making homemade pasta for the first time for Valentine's Day, my 'meet the teacher' meeting at work (I also got to meet the parents), Harry Potter at the Powerhouse.... how did I fit all of that in!!

Campbell is hanging with his 'teenage' friends this weekend at respite and was so excited to get there this morning. We fought against the respite thing for so long but he was so insistent about spending the weekend with school friends and with pay TV!!! This is his first over night stay and it is very strange not having him here. School camp was a good warm- up to overnight stays, we survived that and he had the best time. He had some spending money packed and was heading off to go bowling and to the shops this morning- Cam's idea of a perfect day.  He had a quick flick through of the pay TV channels as soon as he got there this morning to ease himself into weekend bliss.

Campbell doesn't enjoy museums at all, his brothers love them. This was a chance for everyone to do just what they like best. We took Andrew and Jonas to see the Harry Potter exhibition and have another wander around the Powerhouse. It was a great day!! I also loved the 'lace' display that is on at the moment. We also had Yum Cha in Chinatown for lunch in our favourite old restaurant- I used to go there frequently with my Dad when we were kids and I also took Eric there from when we first started going out. We haven't been back for the longest time because there is a huge flight of stairs leading up the restaurant- not at all wheelchair friendly!!

It was an exhausting ride home in the crowded town and I was hit with the most revolting stomach cramps. A tummy bug has been doing rounds and I think it found me :( I was hugely relieved to make it home. 

Missing our big boy now it is quiet and thought of him often throughout the day- I hope he had fun today too.

My beautiful Valentine's necklace that Jonas made at school xxxxx

Delicious homemade pasta.

Yum yum Yum Cha
My favourite piece at the 'lace' exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum.
The Night Bus!

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