Friday, 10 February 2012

One week down.

We have all had a pretty great week. There have been a couple of ups and downs but overall- pretty great! Jonas is enjoying big school enormously. He loves getting himself ready in the mornings and is bright and chirpy about the day ahead. He totally loves his year 6 buddy and tells me that Blake is the best thing about school...closely followed by his lovely teacher and little mate Jett.
I think he is also delighted to finally be with his big bro Andrew 24 hours a day!! He adores Drew and is always happiest when he has him near by. I love that about my boys- they stand by each other, look after each other and love each other. I hope that never changes. It is a special bond we have with siblings. Nobody knows us better, but that doesn't always mean that they understand us or even like us sometimes!! Often all of that changes each day or maybe over years. That may be the very best thing about a sibling- you might hate each other passionately for a minute, day or year but it is pretty hard to stop loving them.
The week has just passed too quickly, although I did manage to fit an awful lot into my week without work....except that one day of my week was at work. I have managed to enjoy lunch with friends/ Mum every day this week (I include my day at work). I have also seen a movie, done lots and lots of shopping, been to the gym several times (have a constant reminder of that in every muscle). I also set up the study as a sewing room with some pretty fabric and grand plans. I am hopeless at sewing but always wished I could whip up nice things like so many other people do. I invested in a few beautifully presented books with beginner projects- it all looks so gorgeous and inviting....and sort of achievable.
The first project on my list was some sweet little wish flags for my class. I bought some lovely fabric on etsy and decided to make some simple little flags to string up around the room with wishes/ goals for the year from each of my students. I thought that at the end of the year I could cut up the string of flags and give each child their wish- hopefully it is something that they achieved and can feel proud of (I intend to provide some suggestions and a little bit of direction in the goal setting so that it is realistic). With a K/1 class I am thinking of things like: learn to read, make new friends, learn to count to 100, make great art work, have fun, be happy!!! 'Create a classroom full of fun, learning and enthusiasm' might be my flag :)
After an inspiring day with a very special friend I came home from school pick- up determined to make a start. I am so excited to have them finished and ready to go!! They are not perfect by any means, but they are made with love!!!
While I was on a roll I also made a set for home. I asked all of my boys to choose their favourite fabric for their wish flag. I am the only one who has put my wish in writing so far. I had to suggest to the boys that they reconsider their first, impulsive wishes for something they could realistically achieve. Joe wanted a 'computer of my own' after pondering his options for a whole nano- second. Andrew said that he wants to star on the show 'Prank Patrol'. Sooooo they are giving it some thought.  They have all come up with other options and are just trying to decide on the best one.
I am very excited about another week of being a full-time Mummy, with time during the day to complete my 'to- do list'. Next week is already filling up...... with helping out in Jonas' classroom, school stuff that I have to do, lunches and morning teas with friends, gym sessions, starting a real sewing project, a trip to IKEA ......ummmmm where is that list and how many hours have I got????
 I am also enjoying the little things like making special afternoon teas for the boys, packing lovely lunch boxes, preparing nice dinners, and TIME!!! Tine to do all of those little things.
I need to keep reminding myself to make the most of every day and have no regrets at the end of my leave- I think I am on track so far.
My wish flags! This photo does not give credit to the beautiful fabric.
Friday night Pizza!!

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