Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Mt Gambier

Knowing that the coastal towns would be booked solid we decided to head towards Mount Gambier, not really sure what we would find. What a lovely surprise! The Blue Lake was breathtaking. This place took me right back to my childhood for some reason. There was something about the place that made me think of tourist spots of the 1980's. I immediately thought of day trips to Katoomba. It may have been the little boys being served ahead of me in the Caravan Park that added to my nostalgia. They were counting out coins for paddle pops and then scanning the glass cabinet full of lollies to maximise their spoils. Watching them gather up their haul of red skins while they explained how one of them ended up with a black eye chasing after a new toy rocket, was all part of the Mt Gambier picture I created.
I love that we are using my Poppy's old book of maps to mark out our journey, and that we are crossing paths with our previous Summer trek. We actually gave him this book as a present many years ago and he returned it to our care when he knew he wouldn't be using it for any more road trips. I hope we get to plot out many more trips in the years to come.
The boys are continuing to travel well, although Campbell is terribly homesick as always. We are managing to string him along from one book shop to the next. The 'Horrible Histories' boxed set that Campbell got for Christmas has kept them all entertained in the car- Eric and I are also entertained by the 'stupid deaths' sing-a-longs and 'true or false' chants that come from the back seat.

Today we have been listening to this:


and this:


in the front seat and enjoying the chance to chat and reflect on the year that has been 2012.

A picnic lunch at Lake Hamilton.

The Blue Lake

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