Saturday, 18 January 2014


We finally got made it to Melbourne!!! The nagging about when we would be getting there was getting pretty persistent, with all of the boys eager to spend the remains of their carefully saved Christmas money. Minotaur is the favourite haunt for Drew and Jonas, and Campbell had a Dymocks voucher to spend and visions of finding the Best Second- hand Bookshop in the world!!

We stopped in at Ballarat for a night on route to explore the town. Last visit we didn't get to have a look around the city, so we were looking forward to having a wander around this year. The temperature continued to rise and we were very grateful for a massive pool and spa complex complete with a big screen TV at the caravan park. As we were driving towards Melbourne the next day Drew was laughing about the fact that the TV was ignored while everyone in the pool stopped to watch a cute little baby learning to walk and enjoying the fountains at the edge of the pool. So much more entertaining than watching the news!!

Our first day in Melbourne was spent in Frankston, where we had booked a site for 3 nights. It turned out to be an Op Shop mecca!! Campbell got his fill of books and we found these delightful painted stairs in The Salvos shop. 

We arrived in Frankston on our 19th Wedding anniversary so we enjoyed a lovely lunch and then ice-cream followed by a swim at Frankston Beach. It was a bit too much of a walk down to the water to get Campbell down and he wasn't keen about going for a swim. This is one of the things that I find the most difficult about travelling with Cams. I would so love the opportunity to enjoy the beach as a family, but he is now just too big to carry down the sand. A long walk down the beach would be such a lovely thing to do together, but it is just not something we can do on a whim. Eric and Campbell found a shady place to rest while I had a swim with the boys and although I came back twice to offer to sit with Campbell, Eric insisted that I enjoy a cool swim. 

It was so very hot and Eric and I were light headed by the time we got the tent up- we left the kids in the car with the air conditioning going while we unpacked. There was absolutely no chance of cooking and eating outdoors with the temps still hovering around 44 degrees at 5pm. We headed to the local club for dinner and then lingered for as long as we could before skulking back to the tent. Once the sun started to go down it was slightly more comfortable and we set up a picnic rug to watch the stars appear one by one.
 I certainly plan to make sure that our anniversary is celebrated with a bit more flair next year!!! It will have to be a special one- just look at the figures:

On our 20th anniversary we will be 40 years old.
Campbell will be 16
Andrew will be 12
Jonas will be 8
and our anniversary is on the 14th. 

Just look at all of those lovely even numbers! What do you think we should plan??

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