Thursday, 2 January 2014

Why, why, why Whyalla?

Oh Whyalla! What sort of greeting is this? Here we are such loyal spruikers of your beauty and seaside offerings. Yes people are frequently shocked to hear us rant on with glowing praise for you- but our two previous visits provided wonderful memories of sunny days, breakfast in the warm waters at high tide, crab hunting followed by dinner to fill the bellies of the glutinous. I am a bit suspicious that your unfriendly reaction to our arrival was ploy to get us out of town and leave the crabs to the locals.

The boys hit the beach immediately and started out into the low tide shallows to explore, I wondered up the the shower block with Campbell while Eric leisurely unpacked the trailer while stopping to admire the view and watch the boys in their explorations. A lovely start...until the wind was switched on...set to full power!! All of the boys scurried to the safety of the car while we fought against the wind to get the tent up. Helpful neighbours rushed over to hold the tent down as the wind attempted to lift it into the air. With sand lashing at our legs and eyes we somehow managed to get pegs in and construct something that vaguely resembled our tent. Then our kindly neighbours realised that their awning was about to bend in the ferocious wind and we had to rush to their aid. The poor lady was lifted off her feet  as she tried to hold the frame in place before it buckled.

When we finally joined the boys in the safety of the car our faces were caked with sand, our ears, noses, mouths and eyes were full of sand and we were bitterly disappointed with you Whyalla- this is not how we remembered you!!

Proudly stands our tent, despite your efforts, and we have not been discouraged! We enjoyed our feast of crabs tonight and Eric & Joe had a wonderful time finding them in the sunny, warm afternoon low tides. HA!! The wind is persistent. The tent is full of sand- everywhere!! We can't cook or eat outside, but the camp kitchen serves us well. We will remain grateful that while the wind billows through our tent and flaps and slaps all night, the frequent threat of rain is quickly blown away. Oh no- you will not dampen our spirits! In fact we are looking forward to our crab dinner again tomorrow night! 

The sand caked effect.

I did the first stint as the Wet'n'wild ride operator, but of course there is no photographic evidence of this. Trust me- I was very exciting and Campbell managed to fit into the boat too for my shift.

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