Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year

The boys were all very excited to celebrate the arrival of 2014 in our typically sedate but happy fashion. Sparklers were purchased, special treats at the ready and a movie selected to watch under the stars. Hahndorf remained quiet and peaceful with nothing but cicadas and kookaburras to cheer on the start of the new year. There was a brief spattering of fireworks nearby around midnight and that was as exciting as it got.

It was a heavy heart that I saw the new year roll over. I am feeling very sad for a dear friend for whom 2014 was to be full of the best kind of joy- it is most unfair that it has been ripped away from her. It was hard to celebrate the coming of the new year when I knew how she would be grieving and she is still in my thoughts constantly.

We were set to leave Adelaide on the 1st to see what new adventures we might find, but here is some of the fun we had before we left:

Jonas certainly appreciates the outdoor experience most of all- rocks to find, bugs to hunt, ducks to feed...

Meanwhile, some of us enjoy the quiet time to relax...

The breakfast menu planned by Joe for the first day of 2014 was a stroke of genius! Thanks Joe :)

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