Saturday, 4 January 2014

Port Lincoln

With quite a bit of disappointment we left Whyalla behind- I am sure the tail wind got us out of town even faster. The lady at reception took pity on us, and our pathetically droopy, wind blown tent, and made us an offer we couldn't refuse on a cabin for our last night. Ahhhhh the luxury!! It was a beautifully clean 3 bedroom mansion, but perhaps she accidentally forgot how much the usual rates are because it didn't seem to cost very much at all ;) Yet again we find fabulous South Australian helpfulness. It took us the whole day to shake the sand out of the sheets, towels, sleeping bags etc etc etc... Even after sweeping the floor repeatedly for what felt like hours, we still have sand. Every thing in kitchen was washed up and tubs were cleared out. It was still so windy that we couldn't even see below the surface of the water to look for more crabs (though we tried anyway).

Onwards and upwards we went in search for wind-free sunshine. We found it in Port Lincoln- which was our main destination point for this trip. We are smiling again! The water really is this colour:

We haven't really done much yet apart from throwing in a line and bobbing around in the blow up boat. It's quite lovely. We are not sure yet how long we will stay or what else we might discover.

If you look closely you may notice the bobbing boat in the background.

My thoughts remain with my lovely friend and it is very hard to be so far away at the moment. I hope she knows how much love I send her way every day.

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