Friday, 17 January 2014

Onwards from Yorkey

Another lovely day on Yorkey began with a trip down the coast to the markets in Stansbury. Eric and Joe hit the jetty at Ardrossan as soon as we got back to the tent in the hope of catching something for dinner, while Campbell, Drew and I went for a walk to the bakery for some fresh bread and a wander around town. It was a perfect day of nothing much for our last day in South Australia- lots of reading, chatting and eating.

As our last hurrah we went for a walk around the cliff tops to take in the view before dinner.

While Campbell continued reading....

And Campbell kept reading.....

Up and out early the next morning we decided to just push on as much as we could and see how close we could get to Melbourne. The temperature was rising swiftly and we didn't mind a long stretch in the air conditioned car. We had an afternoon tea stop over in Bordertown, which we thought might be our resting spot for the night, and decided to see how much further we could go. With rumbling stomachs complaining from the back seat at dinner time, we finally stopped in Horsham and opted for a motel for the night. It was a lovely relief from the dry heat outside and the boys savoured the chance to watch a bit of telly. Campbell protested loudly for Chinese take away for dinner in we were quite happy to go along with that request.
We have managed to stick to a budget of $100 a day for our accommodation and food so far, so this was a big indulgence. Most nights our campsite cost us about $50 and the most we paid was around $70. The boys had lots of Christmas spending money and bought their own souvenirs and treats, and with my lease car with a petrol card, our expenses were pretty low. It left us a bit in reserve for the occasional lunch or dinner, or a night away from the tent when the heat or wind got too much.
Having a tighter budget this year really hasn't had much of an impact on our holiday at all. We packed snacks and drinks for morning tea and always had stuff ready for lunch in the esky. We were always able to find a pretty spot to stop and set up a quick picnic on our travels- much nicer than lunch in McDonald's! There was heaps of Christmas stuff on sale in the supermarkets so there was never a shortage of biscuits and chocolates to choose from. Our kids love nothing better than instant noodles or tinned baked beans- they would eat that every night if we let them. It seems that you really can't put a price on old fashioned fun.

Rest stop at Bordertown.

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