Saturday, 25 October 2014

Barrier Reef trip- day 1.

Don't let the title deceive you- this is not MY Barrier Reef trip. This is all about the experience we have while my beloved middle child is having his reef experience. This is documenting every exciting thing that he misses out on while he is away from us ;) Oh yeah there will be SO much excitement going on around here- make sure you follow along so you don't miss the fun! The truth is, this is my distraction while he is away, because he only left this morning and I feel like I have lost a limb. It's just that it is such a long way for such a long time and we love him so dearly. Our beautiful middle child is totally the glue for our family. He is adored by both older and younger brothers. He is so easy going and, well, just easy. He is just a lovely boy who is kind and thoughtful and clever and creative. So that bit was just for him to read when he gets home so he really does understand how much we are feeling the void tonight and here is our day.....

Dear Drew,

I was so excited for you this morning and also a bit worried about how badly I am going to miss you- also a bit worried about how much Joe will miss you! You are hands down his very best friend EVER and he will be lonely without you. The best bit is that you get to be nobody else but Drew for the next 18 days (OMG really!! 18 days sounds like a few too many days without you). You are not big brother or little brother and the truth is you take on so much responsibility in both of those roles that we are so happy for you to have a bit of a break. You are so thoughtful and helpful and we are so proud of you for that, but now is your time to really be you with your friends. I hope you get to realise how much people like you and your beautiful nature. I hope you get to forge amazing and strong friendships with people who get you. I hope that you make memories that shape your future in the most positive way.

Meanwhile we had lunch with the family today and it felt a bit strange without you. It would have been nice for you to see your cousin Jacob and meet his gorgeous girlfriend, but there will be other opportunities for that. We wandered down to the dam this afternoon with Beth, who dropped in for a lovely visit. We met up with Mick and Gina too and watching the dogs play (bark at each other for a while). A storm passed over and upset Charlie, but we didn't end up getting any rain.

I hope you got to eat one or two of my biscuits today and maybe some potato salad too. I also hope that you and Tom talked away the hours on the bus and that you had some time to read one of the new books I picked for you.

Much love gorgeous boy,
Mum xxxx

PS I will write again tomorrow xx

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