Friday, 31 October 2014

Day 7

I can't believe it already been 7 days!! Tomorrow is the day you head out to the island, so I am sure everyone is super excited tonight. I hope you have a smooth trip over on the barge tomorrow. 

Joe & I were really excited when we went out to the carport this morning & discovered that our possums were back. They were still there this afternoon when we got home, but all splayed out and looking a bit hot and uncomfortable. They obviously didn't like the cute little nest that Dad & Jonas built, because they opted to make their bed in the rafters again. 

Halloween is a bit different this year. No tricks or treats out here in the sticks. Jonas still wanted to put out some decorations & as you can see Charlie was terrified!! He is really just laying in the shade- but doesn't it look like he fainted from the shock ;) 

We took some treats with us to Nan & Pop's & dropped in to see the Follans while we were there. Joe & Jett enjoyed a visit together. Luckily we took treats to share because Nanny's 60 treat bags were gone within about half an hour!! There were lots of kids around & it was fun for Joe to be a part of the buzz. 

Missing you heaps today my gorgeous boy. Xxxxxx

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