Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Day 5

I think today must be the day that we are all really starting to miss you, because it was tonight at the dinner table that Campbell said 'Where's Drew?' Even though he said his goodbyes when you left, it has only taken him 5 days to realise that you haven't come back yet!

I also dished up 5 plates for dinner tonight and gave you an extra baked potato- no need to panic- all of the potatoes were still eaten ;)

We had news today from your teacher letting us know that you are all having a great time, despite a bout of vomiting that hit a few of your class :/ Of course I was immediately worried that you were one of them, but I am sure the cast iron 'Date stomach' looked after you. We also heard that ALL of your class found gold and that some even found sapphires!! I will make an appointment with the jeweller shall I??

I hope you are enjoying the Bunya Mountains National Park tonight xxx

PS Charlie misses you too :)


  1. Oh no - gastro on school camp. Glad to hear you all have strong stomachs.


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