Sunday, 26 October 2014

Day 2

Hi Drew!

We are hoping that the high temperatures didn't interfere with your gold panning riches! Were are expecting you to come home with $millions$. It was hot here today so we assumed it must have been pretty warm in Bingarra. We hope it wasn't too bad and that you may have got a swim. It was so warm here that Joe not only had a swim in the pool, but also in the dam. He said it was warmer than the pool. He also (finally) found a yabbie in the dam today. Not in the trap with the tin of cat food I was instructed to purchase yesterday, but by lifting a rock in the shallows! He was so excited and brought it up to the house to show me and then promptly returned it to the dam so it could grow big enough for a meal. You know Jonas- he is such a foodie!

Kate brought her boys out for a visit today and we have a lovely afternoon together. We made hamburgers for lunch. I made a double batch of rissoles and there is some in the freezer so that we can do it again when you come home- they are BEEF!!!! Of course Campbell wanted all of the extras without the bread- avocado, beetroot, potato salad and coleslaw. We enjoyed the shade of the garden and then the boys had a water fight, followed by a swim. It was the hottest day we have had here so far and we even put the air conditioning on for a little while. 

My Hummus was much better this time! I think you would have loved it. I halved the garlic so it had a little less kick. 

We made some pretty crazy, huge burgers on the barbecue! Really yummy, but a bit too big to manage! I gave up on the bread and just enjoyed the best bits.

We hope you have had an amazing day. Did you read the notes we wrote? Jonas was pretty particular about writing you notes for your first week and I am sure you would enjoy his cute drawings and messages. There are some from all of us- all rather silly in the hope that we make you smile each day and share them with your friends. Campbell's will probably make you laugh more than mine ;)

Much love,
Mum xxx

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