Saturday, 6 April 2013

A moment to shine.

My middle son Andrew is such a great kid. He is kind and sensitive, and the sweetest brother. He is right in the middle of two beautiful boys who depend on him quite a bit, which is a bit of pressure sometimes. I was so happy to see him get his special moment to shine. His music tutor is a lovely young guy who Drew loves seeing every week. We listen to them chat and laugh from the other room, in between the bursts of music (which is now recognisable and pretty awesome).
When David, the tutor, said that he was going to be performing at the Easter show with his band, Drew was pretty keen to go to see him. So we decided to head into the show late in the afternoon and then hang around for some dinner before the 8pm show. Both Andrew and Jonas were excited about getting a seat at the front and nervous about missing out if we left it too late to arrive. So we sat for most of the evening listening to the different bands perform. It was a lovely way to pass the time - Joe was such a little bopper and was dancing around in his seat the whole time.
Just before 8pm David came and found us to say hi and sat with us for a little while to enjoy the music. Andrew was so excited to see him up on the stage and the best bit of all was when David dedicated a song to Andrew!!!! Ohhhh it was so precious. The crowd cheered and Andrew pumped his fists in the air and shouted 'YEAH!!" It was for 'Come Together' which is my favourite of all the songs David has been teaching Drew- I shooped along with pride, just like I do when they play it at home (even though the embarrassment just about kills Drew).
The sweetest thing is that since then Andrew has been pulling out his bass more often than usual- and despite his usual reluctance to practise, he has been doing it without encouragement.
Thank you David- you are a wonderful teacher and a very talented musician too.

Davids Guitar Studio Baulkham Hills, NSW - he has his own studio too!!

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