Monday, 15 April 2013

Party planning again!

I'm immersed in my favourite activity again but the really exciting bit is that this is a party for girls... times 3! This is the first party that I have helped put together that is not one of ours. The pressure is on to impress these 3 gorgeous girls and their friends.

I am so happy when I have a party to plan :)

We have decided to go with an rainbow theme to tie in all of the 3 different interests.

I have a party planning assistant too ;)

I chickened out of the cake pop flowers in ice- cream cones idea that I had my heart set on. I was worried that it would flop half way through and I'd have to start 40+ cake pops again from scratch. Maybe when I have a party on a smaller scale... for girls!! Any takers???

The pinata is filled, the balloons just need to be collected on the day, I might have to dabble in some extra decorations to keep me busy in the meantime. I am so excited about bringing it all together on the day.


  1. Wow - this is going to be our best party ever!!!

    1. I hope you all love it Alison. I have absolutely loved helping. I wish this could be my real job!!!


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