Tuesday, 2 April 2013

World Autism Awareness Day.

So here is a little activity I had set for me to complete on World Autism Awareness Day- I was instructed to spend my day going through one of Campbell's 'Mary- Kate and Ashley' books crossing out the name 'Campbell' and replacing it with 'Chloe'.
Apparently he finds it very distressing to read about a girl with his name. How very dare they!! The only possible solution was to simply change her name every time it appears in the short novel.
So I did it. It has been stressing him for weeks and he just could not get his head around how any girl could possibly have the same name as him. It didn't take me THAT long, although it did require additional attention several times this evening because I had failed to notice every single 'Campbell' within the book. I struggled with the idea of writing in a book- the naughtiest possible thing for a trained librarian to do. But it was so worth it. My gorgeous boy is happy now and was so very, very grateful that I managed to get it all done while he was at school today.
I really couldn't think of a more apt way to pass my time on World Autism Awareness Day- relieving the stress for my precious, funny and beautiful autistic son. Thank goodness I didn't have to go to work today.

As you can see it was already quite dog eared and has already had several repair attempts. Cams is also a little bit obsessed with sticky tape at the moment...oh and of course the Olsen twins as well! He is still hoping that we can manage a quick trip to America next school holidays so that he can visit them, but only because I said we can't afford to take him to London to go to the BBC studios. 
I love my big boy xx


  1. I was sitting here thinking how amazing you are for changing her name through a whole book and not just throwing the book out! ;) please tell me he's not a full house fan?

    1. I'm afraid 'Full House' was the beginning of his interest in the Olsen twins. He always does extensive research about his favourite TV shows and quickly discovered that he much preferred the grown up twins. There would have been far more trouble if I'd thrown it out than the trouble the name changing caused me- I went with the easier option :))))


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