Sunday, 21 April 2013

The 'It's a Date' restaurant.

This week in the 'It's a Date' restaurant we will be featuring head chef Jonas for a pizza demo. We are also making pesto and pasta to celebrate the Autumn chill that has been creeping up on us this week.

Friday night is Pizza night here at 'It's a Date'. The cooler weather means firing up the pizza oven for some delicious smoky and crispy bases.

Here is the demo to show you how to roll the dough:

It is very clear that the facial expression used while rolling has a huge impact your success. 

Pesto, caramalised onions and mozarella-  best pizza ever!!

And look how pretty the colours look.

Other items on the menu this week:

Hash browns- took me right back to cold winter days of my childhood.

 Pesto made with a bundle of fresh herbs delivered by a lovely friend. I just threw it all in- basil, parsley, chilli and some pine nuts and olive oil.
 That pesto was crying out for some lovely fresh pasta. With our usual pasta cook absent (Eric was busy helping a friend on his farm) I was on my own for my first attempt.
The result was delicious. The pasta was perfect (but not as good as Eric's of course). Chicken meatballs completed the meal.  

 Cute little cherry tomatoes from our garden will feature in upcoming menus :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Bron. Fun to make and eat!!!

  2. Love the pizza making facials of Superboy lol - way too cute! x

    1. Yep- it's all about the facials! He has decided that he wants to make a regular segment- watch this space so you know what facials you need when making pasta! :)

  3. Yum - what time's dinner???

    1. Sorry Alison- all scoffed with no left overs!!!!


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