Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Simple pleasures.

It is not often that I have time...just time. I usually so very busy with so many thoughts bouncing around in my head- which usually means that I immediately forget most of them (including the important scheduled things).
With some time off work I have been appreciating so many little things. Of course the best bit is the time I have for my boys. So much time to just chat, snuggle and be together. I am not hurried, distracted and planning what needs to be done within a limited window of time. It is lovely and I am grateful.

This weeks simple pleasures:

Being with Joe at school and feeling his happy energy passing from his hand to mine.

Cleaning out ALL of the wardrobes and taking a boot load of stuff to the Salvos. Drew was so happy that he gave me the biggest hug with the most genuine thank you- who'd have thought!?

Joe's delight at finding the 'best library book ever for us to read tonight'. I love that he picked a cook book and that he wants to work through all of the recipes together.

The new family pet *shivers down my spine* Spike the Pygmy Bearded Dragon. I just wish it would stop appearing on the lounge beside me at night.

A spontaneous foot massage from my gorgeous big boy. First time and probably the last so I had to capture the moment immediately.

Time to plan for meals that actually take time and effort to cook. Shopping for the ingredients was slow paced and unhurried. I savoured the luxury of taking my time, My phone did not ring once while I loaded everything into the trolley, or car, or house. It usually always rings with some pressing issue when I have my hands full and I am tired and hungry.

Being able to laugh at poor Campbell's attempt to repair his brand new glasses with sticky tape after he ran over them with his wheelchair. The hours that were spent getting the prescription, picking the frames, collecting them from the Optometrist would normally have been a logistic nightmare- but it's OK! In fact I am quite looking forward to having some bonus time with Campbell while we organise the new pair AND the cord to keep them attached to his body at all times!!!

The best bit is that today is my birthday and I get to do anything I want! I'm just a bit flustered about what to choose, I just felt a few things bounce around my head and did I just notice my shoulders tense- hmmm there is still a little bit of breaking bad habits that needs to be done. I am working on it :)


  1. Happy birthday to you!!!! Enjoy your special birthday dinner!

    1. Thank you Bron :) We are having Thai- should give Joe some tips for when he chooses his first recipe to try.

  2. How gorgeous is your boy giving you a massage - glad you captured that moment. Happy birthday hun xx

    1. Well thanks to you lovely Sonia I quickly worked out to do with my special day :))) I read your blog which then led to all sorts of fabulous blogging joy. Thank you ever so much for following my little blog xxx

  3. I hope my kids will give me a foot massage, what a good son! Happy birthday to you and that weekly dinner menu all sound delicious. Also, the glasses. I had my 2nd glasses break recently due to my daughter stepping on them. again. haha

    1. I think you deserve a foot massage Sara- perhaps you should start dropping a few hints. Thanks for visiting :)


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