Wednesday, 17 April 2013


More and more of old treasures have been creeping into my home. My grandparents have been offering me bits and pieces and are always surprised when I am so delighted by some old cutlery or some cut glass. Seeing my grandparents become more frail, and losing my precious Poppy last year, has made me appreciate these little treasures all the more. The funny thing is that few of these special items were on the dinner table when I saw growing up, in fact some of the beautiful dinner plates that had been a Wedding gift to my Great- grandparents, were recovered from my Dad's back shed. They were either put away in the 'good' cupboard for special occasions (which means they were NEVER used) or they were considered too old fashioned. When compared to the ultra modern, bright orange tupperware sugar bowl I remember so fondly it is a bit hard to understand why the pretty china was pushed to the back of the cupboard.
The felt lined timber box containing all of my Great- grandparents cutlery was also pushed to the back of my pantry. Despite the fact I always reach for the few bone handled knifes in my drawer when I have to butter hot toast- because they are the best. The rest were forgotten. When I cleaned out my pantry and rediscovered them last week, I also discovered that some of the bone handles had crumbled through neglect. What a tragedy. I was so sad. So I have pulled them all out, polished them up and they are now in regular circulation. They are gorgeous and I am sure they are appreciating feeling loved again. I love that all of these treasures have a story to tell and a history of their own. They are older than me and have served so many before me. They are a part of my family story and a little piece of my grandparents. Some things have been chipped or broken since coming into my care, and I have sometimes shed a tear for them, but they are loved.

This painting was always hanging on the family room wall in my grandparents home. As a kid I used to stand and wonder how somebody managed to paint the detail in the waves. I always loved it. It was the painting my Poppy chose to hang in his new room at the aged care facility and I was so delighted when I saw it and realised that he loved it as much as I did. It was one of the first things my Nanna and Poppy bought for their new home when they got married. It hangs proudly in my family room now.

I am a sentimental sook and I think I had better make myself a cup of tea before I get any sookier.


  1. I have an old cutlery set from my Grandparents too. I wonder where it is???

    1. Get it out and dust if off!!! Once you find it....


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