Saturday, 2 November 2013

30 days of thankfulness- day 2.

Day 2- the bond between a boy and his dog.

I am thankful for the special bond that my Campbell has with our crazy dog Charlie. There is something very calming about this connection and it is having a very positive influence on Charlie.

A few weeks ago Campbell got a bit of a bee in his bonnet about our dog Charlie sleeping on his bed at night. He read about it in a book and decided that he rather liked the idea of a companion at the foot of his bed. Charlie is very much an outdoors dog and well known for being more than just a little bit crazy and undisciplined. We started out with just a short visit each night at bedtime so that Campbell could have a little bit of quiet time with his dog. Charlie was grateful for the scratch behind his ears but was keen to escape after a few minutes. 
As the weeks have gone on our time has stretched. Campbell, Charlie and I have become accustomed to our quiet time each night. We chat quietly while Charlie enjoys a scratch. What was once a few minutes has become longer and longer. Charlie quietly curls up next to Campbell and listens to Campbell's gentle, reassuring voice. 
We have all noticed a change in Charlie's demeanour lately. He is calmer and more likely to listen to our directions. Campbell has made quite an impact.
Our time together every night is precious and we all look forward to it- Campbell, Charlie and I. 

I am thankful that my 15 year old boy still appreciates time with his mum and his dog. I look forward to that quiet, calming time together each night and treasure our chats. 


  1. Who knew that pets as therapy was just as beneficial for the pet??

    1. Yes! Campbell has been asking to take Charlie into the hospital to cheer up the sick kids for ages and we always laughed it off...maybe he will one day :)


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