Monday, 18 November 2013

30 days of thankfulness- day 17

Today I am thankful for Princesses, pink, glitter and frills.

Oh it is such fun to do girly stuff sometimes. I was never much of a girly, girl- in fact pink and frilly is not something I give a second thought to most days. I have nothing pink in my wardrobe and really had to search the back recesses of the wardrobe to find the perfect gifted dress for this occasion- aha there is some pink in there after all!!

 I do confess that I had some fun considering every possible princessy option to create a party for the sweetest little princess of them all. Being quite inexperienced in this arena I had some nerves going in, wondering if I hit the brief.... I think it passed the princess test.

I did have fun putting it all together and can't wait for the next opportunity to get my pink on.

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