Saturday, 9 November 2013

30 days of thankfulness- day 9!

Today I am thankful for my Drew! He is so awesome in so many ways, but especially tonight. Not only is he making plans to switch bedrooms with Campbell  (so that Cams gets the bigger room ...with room to swing a wheelchair) but he also picked the movie for tonight. Being a bit of a retro fan he totally got that 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' might be something kinda cool. Oh yeah... sooooo beautiful!!! (click on the link now so you can enjoy the song while you read on- you know you want to!)

He wasn't too sure that it was really that good (as I promised profusely) but I just know that once he has seen it another 20-30 times he will be completely convinced. It was our wet weather PE staple at High School, although I really don't know how they got away with that now!! We weren't complaining at the time.
What a classic! We have it recorded for a week- I am confident I can make us all watch it another 20-30 times before it expires.

Do you remember Ferris with fondness too?
Did you get a shock to see how young they all look- even Charlie Sheen!!
Did you see those computers?!
Do you think I should encourage Drew to watch it another 20-30 times so that he can fully appreciate the joy that was growing up in the 80's???

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