Tuesday, 5 November 2013

30 days of thankfulness- day 5

Today I am thankful for a strong and healthy body. It's certainly not as nice to look at as it used to be but it serves me very well.

I apparently have enough height to reach things perfectly. It is indeed a good thing that I don't need to go to the top rung of the ladder little some folk do. Shorter people tell me how fortunate I am to have such an ideal height- so I am thankful.

I am strong enough to lift and carry lots of stuff. I can manage a vast number of grocery bags in one go in order to avoid a second trip. I can still lift a skinny but awkward 15 year old when I have to (although there may be some grunts and groans from one or both of us depending on how well I am managing). I don't hesitate to shift some furniture when the mood for some rearranging comes over me. When I am hit with a bizarre desire to do a spring clean, and tip the house upside down in the process, this body steps up to the challenge and can clean, climb and scrub for hours on end.

My arms and strong and capable and just the right length to embrace 3 boys at the same time. They can even manage to reel in fish of enormous weight and length....

You are impressed aren't you? And look- I even managed to do it with a children's fishing rod!! 

I am frequently regretful for the extra curves I have managed to gain over the years, but this body of mine has grown and nourished 3 amazing people and continues to do an awesome job of looking after them all. I am thankful that although it forces me to suffer some aches and pains more often than it used to, it still does a fine job of getting me through all sorts of incredible feats. For that I am thankful.


  1. You look fantastic. Funny how even those of us who are a little on the 'weedy' side get super human strength when the urge to re-arrange furniture takes hold :)

    1. LOL! It's true isn't it. I really would never believe it possible to get all that I do into the back of my car after a trip to IKEA- determination counts for a lot.


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