Monday, 4 November 2013

30 days of thankfulness- day 4.

This is proving to be a very positive exercise indeed. It comes to mind several times during my day and I ponder what I could choose to write about. It really does make me realise the many, many things I am grateful for.

Today I am especially thankful for the gift of brothers. When I tell people I am the mother of 3 boys they usually raise their eyebrows or roll their eyes and often say something like "Oh you must be a saint" or "Oh you poor thing!" Little do they know the joy that there is in having my 3 boys. My boys think they are so very lucky to have brothers to hang out with, share cool stuff with and to have a best mate on hand every day. They have a special bond and I think it might be a pretty rare one too.
Campbell has set the tone in our family. There are these unspoken rules that apply when one brother can't do the stuff that the others can. There is an acceptance that things can't always go the way you want them too, an understanding that there are many things that other people take for granted and even dare to complain about, and there is a willingness to see people for more than just appearances.
Campbell has also learned to show gratitude to his brothers who will look out for him, grab him a drink or a snack when he needs it, and are willing to accommodate his unique interests.

They rarely bicker and regularly show affection. They are kind to each other and they enjoy the company of their brothers. I could never have realised how smoothly 5 weeks on the road with a camper trailer could go, until we just did it. Three brothers across the back seat for hours on end. Laughing at the same things, listening to stories with glee and enjoying the time to be a family. It was so good that we did it again the next year, and will probably do it again this year!

I am proud beyond belief when I see them sling their arms around each others shoulders, or naturally reach out and grab hands as they stroll along. My heart bursts when Campbell thanks his brothers with genuine sincerity for bringing him a missing book and the joy they show for his gratitude.

I am more than just thankful for my three boys- thankful just seems far too inadequate.

Photography by The Follans


  1. Lovely post about your lovely boys.

    1. Thank you xx Drew has been so upset today after seeing a boy from the support unit being tormented by a group of kids. He ran to find a teacher but it has really made an impact.


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