Thursday, 21 November 2013

30 days of thankfulness- day 20

Today I am thankful that Christmas is coming!

I do so love so many things about Christmas. The past few years it has been a bit of a challenge to get into the spirit of things because I never seemed to have quite enough time to send out the Christmas cards, to enjoy shopping for gifts, or get some Christmas baking done.

I am busting to get that tree up but I'm holding out just a little bit longer. With a certain little boy in this family getting very, very excited and offering daily countdowns, I think we might be best to hold off until at least December.

I have the wrapping paper at the ready, some baskets of gifts wrapped and ready to go under the tree and my colour scheme has been decided. A little trial run of some Christmassy cake pops was more than a little bit of a thrill and a little visit to Kmart this week inspired all sorts of plans for a tight budget.

These super cute baskets are only $6 in Kmart!!!

Having time means that the budget is slightly less extravagant, but it is so lovely to plan for hand made gifts and some creative shopping.

Are you excited about Christmas too? Or do you prefer to pretend that Christmas doesn't exist until December, 24th and then do a mad dash to the shops?

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