Monday, 21 January 2013


Eden is a beautiful town to drive into with the ocean from almost every angle. It has managed to maintain the endearing beach holiday feel about it without any of the hype. Old fashioned, quiet and all about enjoying the seaside. Not the place to go if you are looking for top end shopping or countless resorts hemming the ocean- we loved it! We had intended to stay in Eden for a few days but it seems the vote was cast while I went for a walk along the beach- everyone was ready to go home. I admit I didn't complain. I have so much work to get on top of before school goes back and I have been dreaming about 'Mrs Wishy Washy'! I can't put it off forever. Having home within our grasp after such a long journey makes it taste so much better too.
So we got to see the Whale Museum and have a wander around town. The boys had a swim in the ocean and Joe entertained himself with a crab he found scurrying along the sand. I stumbled across a family from school and was greeted with mush enthusiasm- they were so gorgeous! I knew that they holidayed in Eden every break but didn't know where and we ended up only a few sites apart in the most massive caravan park. We left with a gift of some pretty abalone shells that the lovely girls carefully selected from their collection.
We knew the trip home would be a pretty long one so we figured that we may as well stretch it out and see some of a favourite spots along the way. We somehow missed Merimbula!! I am cross about that- I think we were all a bit too relaxed to take proper notice. The whole trip home was full of silly antics, lots of giggling, making up silly songs- there was a bit of a buzz in the air...we are nearly home! We did notice the turn off to Tilba Tilba thankfully and enjoyed a spot of morning tea and shopping for cheese. We also squeezed in visits to Ulladulla and Kangaroo Valley. Everything was at a slow and relaxed pace but somehow the time flew by and it didn't feel like a long trip at all.
It was nice to get home :)
Damn.... the pool is a ghastly green and I now need to put away the Christmas tree and unpack the grubby camping stuff. Oh but my bed is giving me a very inviting sirens song....ahhhh :)

Tilba Tilba

Kangaroo Valley

Excited to get home and discover a belated Christmas present. Oh my...I got a Mrs Smileys locket from my gorgeous friend Lisa. What a perfect homecoming!!!!


  1. Welcome home - thanks for sharing you're holiday with us. I've enjoyed seeing all the sights from my lounge room.

    Have fun cleaning the pool Mrs Wishy Washy :)

    1. LOL!!!! You are funny...meanwhile the pig and the cow have been washed already :)))))


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