Thursday, 10 January 2013

Kangaroo Island- Day 4.

After packing up the site in Penneshaw we went straight back to the river bank we discovered yesterday with some bait. Some fishing was done and some fish were caught!! It was the perfect spot for instant success. The fish were nibbling as soon as they heard the sinker hit the water. Joe and I had some fast results and managed to catch lots of little throw backs before anyone else got any serious nibbles. Joe was my bait runner, fetcher and loved putting the stinky bits on the hook for me. He gave all of the directions while I reeled them in. It was all Joe!! Meanwhile our persistent Andrew kept on throwing out new bait every time it had been nibbled off the hook. Finally he got a good one!! He struggled a bit but finally held his first ever fish. He was elated. He was never much into fishing before and always gave up pretty quickly. Now he is the one who is hooked!
Between us we were kept busy until the bait ran out- what fun we had.
We cooked up the one decent fish for lunch by the river before we packed up to head south.
We were all keen to see Seal Bay and Vivonne Bay, and Eric and I were also keen to find some simple accommodation tonight with easy shower access for Campbell. The caravan parks and camping grounds on the island have very basic facilities and getting in and out of toilets and showers with a wheelchair has been tricky. Campbell is too old now for me to share the load in the women's showers- and too be honest I struggle to lift him now. Our teeny, tiny baby boy is now almost as tall as me!!
Hurray! We found a little cabin in Seal Bay with a modified bathroom. Campbell could have a really good shower and Eric could rest his back. The other advantage is that we have a koala in the tree right next to our cabin which is providing much better entertainment than TV ever could.
We loved watching the seals bask in the sun along the entire length of the beach- I wish we had thought to do a head count.
We plan to make tomorrow night our last one on the island. There is a lot to fit into one day tomorrow! It is a little bit sad to be leaving but we are also happy to journey on to see the Victorian coast.

Seal Bay.
A Killer Whale.

A long beach of lazy seals.

The Koala outside our cabin.


  1. Is the terrain different throughout the Island?

    1. It does vary a bit Deb. It was very dry and rugged inland and breathtakingly beautiful along the coast. Really worth a visit.


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